History of  Stable Yards

Finlayson’s cotton factory owner Wilhelm von Nottbeck (1816 - 1890) had the Stable Yards built near his home palace, for his horses and for the staff to take care of the horses.

The Stable Yards were built between 1839 and 1890. They consisted of a stable, carriage shed, stable master’s house, a stable man’s house and a watchman’s and a driver’s house. The buildings were painted with bright colours that highlighted the beautiful wood carvings of the houses; the yard was paved with cobblestones. The decorative wood carvings of the facades resemble the late 19th century’s international building styles that were influenced by folk architecture.

Besides the present buildings, there has been a large chicken coop in the area. Also a few cows were kept in the area, and probably their barn was located in the Stable Yards. After the Nottbeck’s era, the houses were occupied by Finlayson’s factory workers. The factory’s horses were kept in the stable. In 1995 the city of Tampere started a restoration project in order to turn the area into a sight for the whole family. The old facades, interiors and structures were restored as close to their original 1880´s appearance. During the restoration process the aim was to honour the traditional atmosphere that once dominated the way of life in the Stable Yards.

Today, the historic Tallipiha, Stable Yards, is a free-of-charge sight that is open all year round. With a fascinating café, chocolate and Finnish handcraft shops, it is a place that has many interesting things to offer for the whole family. There are many events throughout the year. Inside the little shops and artisans’ workshops you can find beautiful handmade souvenirs, unique Finnish designs, decoration products, and delicious chocolates. During the Christmas period the yard is transformed into a fascinating Christmas Village, with interesting events and a nativity scene with real animals. During the summer and during events, a traditional old-time horse and carriage waits for you to take a ride and explore the historical Finlayson area.

Once again the Stable Yard’s are full of life! New people have moved in and you are welcomed to visit the area!